STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in Education


26 & 27 November 2010 - Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia

Call for papers


Below provides the presentation type, time allocation and brief specifications for presenting this type of presentation.

Type of presentation

Time allocation

Brief specification

Academic presentation paper

Download Author ABSTRACT template – due 19 August

Download Author FULL PAPER template -- due 10 October

30 minutes

Presenters may select any conventional style of presentation, but are urged to allocate one third of the time to interactive discussion. A paper for reviewing and inclusion in the conference proceedings needs to be submitted.


Download Author's Template

60 minutes

Involves multiple authors presenting and discussing their research on a similar topic. A paper for reviewing and inclusion in the conference proceedings needs to be submitted.


Download Author's Template
Download Workshop Details - Due 10 October

60 minutes

Involves hands-on audience participation in key concept development within one or more STEM areas. An abstract must be submitted.

Innovative showcase

Download Author's Template

30 minutes

Involves single or multiple presenters showcasing an innovation. This original idea or adaption of an existing idea will relate to a workplace environment (e.g., tertiary institutions, schools, industries) or other educational contexts. An abstract must be submitted.

Poster presentation

Download Author's Template

60 minutes

Involves showcasing one or more of the STEM areas. This will be accomplished in teams of two or more students per poster presentation. An abstract must be submitted.



Suggested Topic Strands

Assessment and Evaluation in STEM

Mathematics Education

Comparative STEM Education

Motivation and Learning for STEM Education

Curriculum Theory and Development in STEM

Primary Education in STEM

Educational Philosophy and Theory about STEM

Rural Education in STEM

Educational Policy, Leadership and Management for STEM

Schools STEM Showcase

Engineering Education

Science Education

Environmental Education and STEM

Secondary Education in STEM

Higher Education in STEM

Special Education for STEM Education

Indigenous Education and STEM

Sustainable Living and STEM

Industry and Business Innovations in STEM

Teacher Education and Professional Development of Teachers

Information and Communication Technology

Teachers' Work in STEM

Innovation in STEM Research

Technology Education

Learning Spaces for STEM

University Student Showcase in STEM