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Getting to and from Brisbane Airport


Taxi ranks are at both the International and Domestic Terminals. At the Domestic Terminal the rank can be found at the front of the terminal. At the International Terminal the taxi rank can be found at the northern end of Arrivals on level 2.


Coachtrans is Brisbane Airport’s only licensed bus operator and offers door-to-door service at most major accommodation services. Service counters at the airport are continuously staffed and information services are available to arriving passengers.


Travels between the terminals and to the Brisbane City in 22 minutes. It operates from 5am to 7:59pm daily, 7 days per week. During peak hours the train operates every fifteen minutes.

Travelling in and around Brisbane

There are three options. Prices differ, depending on which service and how far you are travelling.


Taxis can be ordered from a phone by calling the number of the desired taxi company. Your hotel should be able to supply some options. Some taxi companies have their company’s phone at certain locations and you can order a taxi from there.


To hail the driver of a bus, stand next to the bus stop sign and raise your arm horizontally toward the road. Once on the bus, tell the driver where you would like to go. They will let you know how much it costs. If you don’t know where to get off, bus drivers will be able to tell you when your stop is coming up if requested.

If you want to catch a bus to QUT, Route 66 operates every ten minutes, every five minutes during peak hours. This bus goes via Roma Street, one of the main train stations in the city. The fare will vary depending on the time of day and where you get on.

If you wish to take a bus into the city, there are several routes to take, depending on where your hotel is situated. To check which buses you need to take visit the website and enter information into the journey planner on the right hand side of the screen. The website address is:


Tickets for the train can be purchased from the ticket booth at the train station or the ticket machines. The ticket machines have the option of viewing the screen in several languages. It is less expensive if you purchase a return ticket, if you plan on returning to the original destination.

QUT does not have a train station. However if you wish to use the train during your journey to QUT, detrain at Roma Street and make your way to bus platform number two and catch either bus number 333 or 66. QUT is the stop after Normanby so remember to press the red STOP button after leaving Normanby. Just follow the signs. If you still don’t know where to go, Queensland Transport staff will be able to give you directions.


If you know where you are going in Brisbane, it may be useful to purchase a gocard. The card itself is $5 and you can put on the desired amount. Once the card is out of money, more can be placed on it. The card is used on trains, buses and ferries. There are certain touch on and touch off points to place your gocard over. If the light turns red it means there is an error or your card is out of money. Money can only be put on your card via ticket machines and from vendors at the ticket booths.

If you get on a bus or a ferry and the machine is in ‘Low Power Mode’ that ride will not cost you anything. However this is extremely rare.